Nestled within the pristine wilderness of Montana, this exceptional property spans 271 acres of deeded land, seamlessly merging with an additional 395 acres of BLM land. Its allure lies in the staggering 1.7 miles of riverfront property along the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River. A true gem, this prime location is free from restrictive covenants, granting you the freedom to create your vision.

Water enthusiasts will revel in the abundant water supply, featuring a canal that culminates on the property, forming a captivating waterfall. A testament to its water-rich character, the property also includes 200 water shares from the esteemed Big 4 Ditch Company. Moreover, 125 acres are meticulously irrigated, with 77 acres dedicated to center-pivot alfalfa cultivation.

Beyond its agricultural potential, this property is a hunter’s paradise, boasting trophy white-tail deer, antelope, turkeys, pheasants, and exceptional waterfowl hunting opportunities. Five warm-water springs grace the landscape, feeding a picturesque pond, enhancing waterfowl hunting for ducks and geese. Meanwhile, the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River harbors diverse fish species, beckoning fishing enthusiasts.

Considering its myriad features, this property also holds intriguing potential as a hot springs resort location. Conveniently situated just 2 miles south of Laurel, Montana, and a mere 15-minute drive from bustling Billings, Montana, this haven offers both tranquility and accessibility. Notably, the majority of the property lies outside the floodplain zone, ensuring peace of mind for its fortunate owner.

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